Windows touch simulation game
Feel the flash hardcore - ultimate edition (temporary title)
will be released in 4Q 2019


This is remake of  previous work "Feel the flash hardcore - ".
New/upgraded features are

- Added "Girl settings", "Costume settings" that enables to customize girls and costume color/option.
- Added new costume sets and modified some sets.
- Supports DLC costume sets (will be released in the future).
- Added "S-part" (special part) concept that is available "Touch mode" (normal, hold, auto), "My hand style" and "Double mode pattern".
- Added much voice sounds (Hina Yuduki's new recording) and improved speaking algorithm.
- Remastered sounds (optimizing level, noise reduction)
- Reformed UI.
- Expanded screen size to "960x600"(16:10) from "800x600"(4:3).
and more...

New information will be updated each time. Please check this page.

FAQ and troubleshooting of previous work