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FFHC Rebirth

Feel the flash hardcore - Kasumi : Rebirth V3.31
== Now available! ==


(Jul/27/2015) Ver3.31 released. (upgrade information.)

- added new backgrounds.
- added new
restraining devices.
Q. Vulnerability of Flash is often concerned. Is this software safe?
Q. I can't start the game. The executable file doesn't run on my computer.
Q. My Paypal account is not available on
Q.Settings data is not saved.
Q. Why censored !?
and others.
Please play the genuine product for activity continuity of Sawatex


"Feel the flash hardcore - Kasumi: Rebirth" is a "touching" simulation game made using Flash.
It is very simple to play. You can enjoy seeing her various reactions by clicking or dragging the cursor over the part you want to touch.
For example, when you want to lift up her skirt, drag the flap upwards and move it to the side. When you want to rub the breasts, click and drag the cursor around and around...
We took the time and created elaborately simple, direct operation. No irritating rules or inane prerequisites, you can enjoy touching and even more right away.


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